Portfolio – Welch

Our previous kitchen was over 20 years old, and had gone through several “DIY” upgrades. The time had come for it to go in favour of a more modern, easy to clean kitchen living space which lent itself to becoming a great social area.


“Whilst budget was obviously part of the agenda, we were more interested in the quality of not only the kitchen, but the staff of the retailers we used. When we first walked into Kitchen Living’s showroom, we were immediately struck by the sheer quality of the kitchens on display. We saw a display that was exactly what we were looking for, and on close inspection, it was obvious that the quality of the finish far exceeded that of all the other kitchens that we had looked at. We were approached by Jeff, who was friendly, extremely professional and obviously very experienced in the world of kitchen design. We expected the final price to be far in excess of the other kitchens we had seen which were not of the same standard. Once we received the quote, we were surprised and delighted that with a few adjustments we could afford the kitchen that we fell in love with, without exceeding our initial budget.”


“There is always a challenge when living without a kitchen, but we had a detailed schedule of works, so knew what to expect, and that helped us plan our day to day life until the project was complete. Our kitchen fitter Scott was matriculation with his finishing, and took no short cuts when making sure all went together perfectly. There is always the possibility that things can go wrong, but what sets a company out from the rest, is its ability to fix it. I expected a few issues, as you would with any big project, but, there was very little, only a couple of fixings that were quickly replaced without fuss.”


“We love our kitchen – it is exactly what we wanted, and more. We now spend most of our time in the kitchen, as it is such a pleasant environment. Being a keen cook, I love the appliances, with the Neff Induction Hob working like magic! The design really works, with ample workspace and a breakfast bar that is used all the time, making use of an area that was previously ignored.  It’s difficult to point out a favourite feature, whether it’s the use of inset lighting that makes me smile whenever I turn on the switch, or the wine cooler, that is a must in every kitchen at the end of the day, all I know, is it feels like a new heart has been put in our home.”